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Here you can register for the online application. Please remember the details you use to register with. After registering for an application account you will receive a confirmation email. Afterwards you can login to your account. Please be patient and always check your spam folders and the email address you used if you don't find it right away. Once you have your account log in and complete your UP.GRADE application. Please note that registration will close ahead of the application window so allow plenty of time to complete this application which now also contains a short practical exercise. Once you have submitted your application you will receive a second confirmation email. This email will be manually authorised so please remain patient and vigilant.

Key dates:

  • Deadline for applicants who wish to apply for a tuition waiver: February 11th 2018
    (see our online FAQ for more information on tuition waivers)
  • Final deadline to register to apply: February 27th 2018 12:00pm CEST
  • Close of the application period: March 1st 2018 10:00am CEST

Should you have questions regarding the content of your application, please email

For technical enquiries relating to the application website, please email 

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